Aims and Objectives


  • Foreground the importance of human experience and facilitate its expression using digital technology
  • Change the nature and perspective of humanities scholarship through engagement with technology
  • Apply humanities theories and methodologies to the study of digital objects, tools, and technologies
  • Utilize digital technologies and tools for traditional humanities inquiry
  • Cultivate innovative digital pedagogy and new possibilities for education
  • Develop networks of scholars and educators ready to co-create, collaborate, share digital works
  • Increase awareness about DH in India and to collaborate with existing and coming digital humanities in India
  • Create the necessary socio-technical support (policies, technologies, and infrastructures) for advanced research in the digital age



The current CDH Pune Executive members are:
Director: Ashok Thorat
P.A. Attar
Munira Lokhandwala
Padmini Ray Murray
Nivrutti Patil
Debadrita Sarkar
Reepa Sewlani
M.A. Shaikh
Dhanashree Thorat

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